A different kind of harvest for walnut orchards in Central California: claro walnut

At Lively Lumber LLC, we're passionate about salvaging high-quality wood from trees that might otherwise go to waste. That's why we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to salvage over 80,000 lbs of claro walnut logs and burls from a walnut orchard in California's central valley.

In the past, many orchard owners would simply burn their walnut logs for easy disposal. However, with increasing concern about environmental impact, more and more orchard owners are turning to chipping as a more sustainable option. Even so, a lot of beautiful wood is wasted in the removal process.

Walnut logs and burls are prized by woodworkers for their unique and stunning grain patterns. By salvaging these burls from orchards that might otherwise dispose of them, we are able to provide a valuable service to orchard owners while also preserving a valuable natural resource.

If you're an orchard owner considering replacing your walnut orchard, we encourage you to contact us at Lively Lumber LLC. We're interested in buying walnut burls from orchard owners, which can help to offset their expensive orchard removal costs while also providing us with the high-quality logs to mill for our customers.