• Why are live edge slabs "so expensive"?

    I get asked this question a lot and wanted to document a few reasons why live edge slabs cost what they do. Let's review the steps required to prop...
  • Slabrador — live edge wood slab finder

    We recently launched a new website,, to help woodworkers find the perfect live edge wood slab for their project. We are currently showcasing over 8,000 slabs from eight premium domestic sawmills and lumber retailers.
  • Milling a 250 year old exhibition Douglas Fir

    We milled a large exhibition Douglas Fir log from the Exploratorium into unique live edge slabs measuring over 54" wide and 10" long.
  • Milling a giant sequoia redwood in Palo Alto

    We milled three large giant sequoia logs in Palo Alto that would have been chipped otherwise, recovering 20 beautiful live edge slabs.
  • Recycling a large claro walnut tree into live edge slabs

    We milled a large dead claro walnut log from a family farm in Dixon, CA, recovering 11 beautiful live edge slabs.