Sawmill services

Onsite milling

We can mill custom live edge wood slabs from logs located on your property with our portable slabbing sawmill, capable of milling slabs up to 74" wide.


Hourly rate: $150 per hour, including set up
Travel charge: $2.00 per mile per day from zip code 94063
Major chain damage: broken cutters from hitting metal cost $50
Minimum fee: $200
Equipment: Lucas Mill Dedicated Slabber with a 74” wide cutting capacity

Slab flattening

Live edge slabs can warp over time as moisture evaporates from the wood. Common types of warping include cupping, twisting and bowing. Once dry, we can flatten them on an aluminum framed flattening mill.


Maximum thickness: 3-3/8"

Maximum width:  48-1/2"

Maximum length: 134"

Cost: $100 per hour


Flattened redwood slabFlattened elm slab