Sawmill services

Custom sawmilling

We can mill custom live edge wood slabs, dimensional boards, and large beams from your logs. We can also resaw reclaimed beams into thinner boards for your use. Previous customers have been thrilled to recover meaningful lumber from their timbers to enjoy for years to come. Getting your fallen trees milled reduces wood waste and can also help to reduce your tree removal costs.

This offering includes sawmilling at our shop in Agua Dulce as well as portable sawmill service. We serve the greater Los Angeles area but may travel further in some circumstances. Please find more information on this service here.

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Equipment: Lucas Mill Dedicated Slabber with a 76” wide cutting capacity, Woodmizer LT15 wide bandsaw mill, or Woodmizer LT50 hydraulic bandsaw mill

Pricing: Please contact us for a quote. We can provide a fixed price quote or an hourly rate based on your project needs. Our minimum charge for onsite portable milling is $1350 plus tax. Jobs that require additional equipment such as a skid steer or forklift typically cost an additional $400-600 per day. Metal or rock strikes cost $50 per blade and may make it impossible to complete the job.

Note on sawmill accuracy: We strive for precision but expect typical margins of error around 1/16" of an inch on our LT-15 and 3/32" on our Lucas Mill due to factors like wood irregularities, wood movement, and cutting deviations. 

Slab flattening

Live edge slabs can warp over time as moisture evaporates from the wood. Common types of warping include cupping, twisting and bowing. Once dry, we can flatten them on a professional 5x10 CNC machine.

Maximum thickness: 3-3/8"

Maximum width:  60"

Maximum length: 120"

Cost: Starts at $3 per board foot, $175 minimum

Air drying service

We offer professional air drying service for regional customers. We are located in a rural, arid, high wind area of Los Angeles county.

Base monthly pricing is set at $50 per log with additional fees for oversized logs and a one time setup fee. Please contact us to discuss how we can help reduce your storage costs and free up your shop space for productive work.

Professional air dry service includes:

  • storage in dry location (average annual EMC < 14%) with high air circulation; see here for our EMC calculator
  • protection from direct sunlight
  • ratchets or top-weights for warp mitigation
  • periodic moisture content readings with professional non-marring Wagner moisture meter or deep probe Lignomat meter (customer's choice)
  • shipping to air drying yard
  • offloading and loading at drying yard
Additional notes:
  • Customer is responsible for arranging and paying for return shipping after air drying is complete
  • Air drying time is not entirely predictable and depends in part on post air drying plans (e.g., whether kiln drying)
  • Precautions are taken to monitor for and prevent wood boring insects (no issues yet) but it cannot be guaranteed; sterilization cycle in kiln (center wood heated to 133°F for at least 6 hours) is recommended following air drying
  • Payments due monthly

CNC services

We run an Avid Pro 60-120 CNC machine. Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your project.